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  • Intel AI mentors seek to improve astronaut health
  • Researchers lay the groundwork for an AI hive mind
  • 7 AI innovations that are changing lives
  • Why it’s critical to democratize artificial intelligence

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Intel AI Mentors Seek to Improve Astronaut Health

Cosmic radiation can penetrate several layers of steel and aluminum during space travel, which can lead to health complications in astronauts. Using Intel AI technology, Frontier Development Lab created an algorithm to study the physiological effects of radiation exposure and identify the biomarkers of cancer progression.

Researchers Lay the Groundwork for an AI Hive Mind

If you think it sounds like something straight out of science fiction, you’re probably right. Having already made huge advancements in AI chips, neuromorphic computing, and deep learning, Intel AI researchers are now setting their sights on advancing multiagent evolutionary reinforcement learning (or MERL).

7 AI Innovations That Are Changing Lives

Through its AI-driven solutions, mentorship programs, and technical assistance, Intel has helped many companies maximize the disruptive power of technology. From genomic sequencing to backpacks for the visually impaired, here is just a small sampling of AI innovations that are improving countless lives.

Why It’s Critical to Democratize Artificial Intelligence

The most significant barrier to AI adoption today is a massive talent and skills gap, one that’s driving the need for reskilling and education initiatives to expand to AI-related fields. Intel’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Bruce Andrews explains why the democratization of AI is critical to the future prosperity of countries, industries, and societies.