This Week in Executive News

  • Lisa Spelman on the relationship between curiosity and innovation
  • Improve your security posture with a Zero Trust approach
  • How to convert your edge data into invaluable capital
  • Intel reveals its new process and packaging technology roadmap
  • Meeting employees’ expectations with the right PC devices

Intel’s Lisa Spelman on the Interconnectivity Between Curiosity and Innovation

Lisa Spelman, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Xeon Products, knows a thing or two about being curious. In this interview with HBR’s Julie Devoll, Lisa shares her thoughts on the relationship between curiosity and innovation, how she encourages curiosity within Intel, and the technological innovations she feels have the most potential to change the world.

A Zero Trust Approach to Architecting Silicon

When it comes to network security, taking a Zero Trust approach means no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required from everyone trying to access network resources. Intel Fellow Martin Dixon discusses Intel’s own Zero Trust strategy and highlights the technologies that improve a company’s security posture and support a Zero Trust infrastructure.

Why Your Business Needs to Treat Your Edge Data as Capital

Today’s valuable business insights no longer come exclusively from data centers and the public cloud. They’re also coming from the edge, where data is generated. So how do you avoid squandering this treasure trove of information? With a suite of edge-computing solutions that can help you convert your data into invaluable capital.

Intel Accelerates Process and Packaging Innovations

During this week’s “Intel Accelerated” event, Intel executives revealed the company’s new process and packaging technology roadmap, showcasing the foundational innovations that will power products through 2025 and beyond. Dive into the highlights to learn more about the roadmap, including Intel’s new naming structure for its process nodes and the innovations enabling each node.

Why Employee Experience Matters in a PC Fleet Investment

While over 60 percent of FTEs recently surveyed say their PCs are critical for revenue growth, only a third of them say they’re totally satisfied with their company-provided devices. Laptops built on the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform are designed from the ground up to offer the experience today’s hybrid-workplace employees want—and expect—from their PCs.