This Week in Analytics & AI News

Intel’s AI vision is comprehensive, and it’s why we’re developing a whole array of resources to push the technology further. Others would do well to develop a comprehensive AI strategy across their organizations, because AI pays dividends when it comes to making decisions. If you really want to get into it, visit or follow Intel at SC18 to explore the convergence of AI and HPC, and having visions for AI gets literal when it comes to Intel and Tencent developing smart cameras.

Intel’s AI Strategy for 2019 Goes Beyond Chips

Mark Twain didn’t actually say, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” It was “the report of my death was an exaggeration.” A lot of people get that wrong, just like a lot of people get the supposed death of deep learning wrong. The technology could pave the way for the next phase of AI, showing that reports of its death have been something of a misunderstanding.

5 Steps for Getting Started With AI in Your Business

Artificial intelligence isn’t magic. You don’t just say, “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” and digitally transform your organization into a fancy coach with cool horses. You’ve got to do work. Work like deciding what problems you need to solve and assessing what skills and resources you have on hand. It’s much more like summoning birds to skillfully sew you a fancy outfit, rather than just having one appear instantly.

How Big Data Analytics Helps Banks Stop Fraudsters—and NBA Teams Win Games

Imagine a hard-boiled detective hot on the case, following only a few clues and his gut instinct. Are you imagining him? Okay, now stop, because that guy is obsolete. Data and analytics have already proven to be far better at detecting fraud than traditional methods, and IoT technology can bring AI-informed decisions just about anywhere. Put away the gut instinct and let technology do the detecting.

HPC and AI Convergence Take Center Stage at SC18

Get ready, party people! This year’s SC18 is the biggest HPC shindig in the whole dang world and Intel is bringing the heat. We’ve got all the hottest party stuff like demonstrating the convergence of HPC and AI, expert insights in a train station we’re turning into our personal party pad, and (wait for it) lapel pins! If that doesn’t say “party” to you then, frankly, you don’t know how to have fun. See you there!

Intel and Tencent Debut AI-Powered Camera Systems for Retail

The 1973 version of “Westworld” has the first-ever movie CGI. We get to see through a robot’s eyes, and it looks pixelated, distorted, and otherwise science fiction-y. AI has surpassed sci-fi, though, and actual technology is now capable of seeing far more clearly. Intel and Tencent’s smart cameras can monitor retail spaces with clarity and precision, making yesterday’s future look passé.