This Week in Analytics & AI News

  • Mobileye moves from the garage to the streets
  • UAB Medicine uses AI to access new data
  • AI-powered price tags help retailers reduce waste
  • AeroFarms pushes ag toward a more sustainable future

Mobileye Moves From the Garage to the Streets

At IAA Mobility 2021, Mobileye unveiled the six-passenger, road-ready electric AV that will be used for commercial driverless ride-hailing services in Tel Aviv and Munich starting in 2022. The service will be operated by SIXT and leverage the demand-generation of Intel subsidiary Moovit, carrying ride-hail passengers in Mobileye-owned AVs equipped with Mobileye Drive™, Mobileye’s full self-driving system.

UAB Medicine Uses AI to Access New Data

Given the new demands put on its healthcare providers, UAB Medicine wanted to quickly analyze and maximize insights from its wealth of patient data. In a first-of-its-kind pilot built on Medical Informatics’ Sickbay platform and Cisco and Intel technology, UAB Medicine used ML/AI to capture high-res signals in near-real-time to help doctors take one step closer to precision medicine.

AI-Powered Digital Price Tags Help Retailers Sell More, Waste Less

Digital or electronic shelf labels use AI to dynamically change the price of a product based on how long it’s been sitting in the store. So what does that mean for a retailer’s bottom line? Wasteless, for one, says its system can cut the market’s food waste by 40 percent and increase revenues by at least 20 percent.

Growing the Best Plants Possible With Technology and Innovation

AeroFarms has developed the world’s largest indoor vertical farm of its kind in Abu Dhabi, which is dedicated to R&D and commercialization of local crops using AeroFarms’ proprietary indoor vertical farming technology. But running the operation at scale requires a lot of supporting technology to help track and monitor products from seed to package. That’s where data-driven operations come in.