This Week in Analytics & AI News

AI tools take the best parts of online dating and turn them into healthy relationships in the workplace. New Intel Select Solutions target three HPC-heavy workloads. Federal agencies must have three prerequisites nailed down if they expect data and AI success. A new family of Intel FPGAs helps companies navigate the data-centric world, while more Intel Select Solutions set enterprises to knock their AI strategies out of the park.

Enterprise AI Collaboration Tools Take Tips From Dating Apps

Don’t swipe left on this story yet, because the premise is pretty genius. Turns out more companies are swiping right on productivity by turning to machine learning-based collaboration tools that have taken a cue from dating apps like Tinder. These tools can match salespeople with ideal customers, pinpoint just the right hires, and improve interpersonal communications. That’s an office romance we can get behind.

HPC and AI Converge Under a Common Architecture

We all know what happened to the foolish man who built his house upon sand. The rains came tumbling down and washed it away. But the wise man? He built his house on a hardware/software foundation of Intel Select Solutions that target three types of HPC workloads: simulation and modeling, professional visualization, and genomics analytics. Bring on the HPC data downpour.

Is Your Agency Ready for AI?

A growing number of U.S. federal agencies are turning to data and AI to enhance citizen services, improve health outcomes, and boost cyber intelligence. But in order to be successful, a few things need to fall into place. Intel Chief Data Scientist Melvin Greer outlines the prerequisites: namely operational, technological, and organizational readiness. When it all comes together, agencies can turn their data into a strategic ally and start innovating faster.

Intel Driving Data-Centric World With New 10nm Intel Agilex FPGA Family

Is your business getting its gains? Advances in AI analytics in the network, cloud, and at the edge mean hardware systems have to do some pretty heavy lifting. Put down the protein powder, though, because Intel Agilex FPGAs—announced last week on Data-Centric Innovation Day—provide the flexibility and agility to meet data management challenges while delivering performance and power #gains.

New Intel Select Solutions Give Businesses the Tools to Harness Artificial Intelligence

To continue the precipitation metaphor: When it rains data, it pours—so Intel’s helping companies batten down the hatches. New Intel Select Solutions for AI allow enterprises to deploy more efficient AI inferencing algorithms on CPU-based systems, giving them the oomph they need to power through the data squall and sail off into the horizon.