This Week in Analytics & AI News

Forbes Insights AI answers many of your burning AI questions in its sixth issue. Intel engineers are working with CERN to combine analytics and deep learning to handle tons of data. Curious what your first ride in an autonomous vehicle will be like? Mobileye’s CEO says it’ll be in a robotaxi. Two Intel leaders offer their insights into why companies are slow to adopt AI and how it can grow. And Intel and Baidu have done a lot of work together; now they’re teaming up to advance AI.

Forbes Insights AI: Issue 6

Better late than never. If you missed the latest issue of Forbes Insights AI, it’s worth pausing your Friday to take a look. This installment tackles how to turn AI into a core competency. You’ll get advice about building teams with AI, insights into whether AI can help unlock creativity, and a bunch of other interesting things you should know to be successful with this tech. Grab a cup of coffee and dive in.

Combining Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning for the Large Hadron Collider

And the winner for the most data goes to … CERN! Okay, that might not actually be true, but CERN certainly has a lot of data. Something to the tune of one petabyte of data flows through CERN’s systems each second. To handle it all, CERN teamed up with some Intel engineers to develop an end-to-end analytics/deep learning data pipeline.

Navigating the Winding Road Toward Driverless Mobility

As Sheryl Crow said back in the nineties, “Every day is a winding road.” We’re navigating that road and getting a little closer to a future with autonomous vehicles. Professor Amnon Shashua, CEO of Mobileye, outlines the current landscape of this technology and says your first autonomous ride will likely be in a robotaxi (where you can probably blast the music of your choosing).

New Chip Materials Will Enable Massive AI Research Gains

Mind the gap. In this case the gap between businesses who say AI will have strategic importance for them (86 percent) and those who have actually made progress using it (36 percent). At VentureBeat’s 2019 Transform conference, Intel VP and CTO of AI products Amir Khosrowshahi and GM of Intel IoT Jonathan Ballon offered their perspectives on this question and how AI will grow.

Intel and Baidu: Working to Deliver on AI Everywhere

Teamwork makes the dream work. Intel and Chinese multinational technology company Baidu are collaborating on hardware, software, and platform solutions to advance AI. With more than a decade of partnership, Intel and Baidu recognize the profound benefits that the proliferation of AI technology will bring to the global community. The business value of AI is trending toward $3.9 trillion in 2022, with innovative solutions from Intel and Baidu at the forefront.