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  • Bridging the gap between AI expectations and reality
  • Intel technology puts Olympics fans in the middle of the action
  • How to move your AI or data science project from pilot to production
  • Intel helps BMW move closer to its goal of an “AI for everyone”
  • Empowering AI engineers to design and optimize models faster

Equipping AI With Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Outcomes

According to Intel Chief Data Scientist Dr. Melvin Greer, a significant gap exists between many organizations’ ambitions for using AI and the reality of how those projects turn out. In order to bridge that divide, researchers, scientists, and developers must take a human-centric approach and start thinking about the emotional intelligence and mindfulness of AI.

Tokyo Olympics: A Win for Immersive Technology

This year’s Olympic Games won’t just feature pulse-pounding athletic competition. Technology will take the field to power new and exciting immersive experiences for viewers, such as AR and VR. Plus, Intel® True View and Intel’s 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) technology will offer an even deeper look into sporting events and athletes’ performances.

Scaling AI and Data Science: 10 Smart Ways to Move From Pilot to Production

Creating an end-to-end AI production infrastructure is a long-term effort that involves unclogging bottlenecks between data scientists and data while laying a stable foundation for repeatable AI operations. From sticking with familiar workflows to using open and interoperable standards, here are 10 things enterprises can do right now to start moving their projects from pilot to production.

Intel Technology Brings BMW Group Closer to Its Goal of an “AI for Everyone"

To detect defects in production like cracks or scratched paint as well as other quality control issues, the BMW Group relies on systems for automated image processing in its assembly facilities. See how an application developed by Robotron with the Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit accelerated and improved machine vision with deep learning, bringing the BMW Group closer to its goal of an “AI for everyone.”

Experimenting With AI Optimizations

In this episode of “Conversations in the Cloud,” SigOpt co-founder and CEO Scott Clark discusses how his company’s recent acquisition by Intel has accelerated their ability to empower AI engineers. Hear how new innovations in the SigOpt intelligent experimentation platform allow engineers to design, explore, and optimize their AI models faster.