This Week in Analytics & AI News

AI will help researchers investigate spinal cord injuries. Deep learning’s powers are transforming workloads. A new report reveals organizations’ AI readiness. Being data-first requires a sound data pipeline. And Citizens Bank is seeing success with AI and analytics.

Intel and Brown University Deploy AI to Help Paralyzed Patients Regain Movement

Here’s some positive news: A new research project at Brown University aims to use AI technology to find ways to restore movement and bladder control for people paralyzed by spinal injuries. The Intelligent Spine Interface project, which will last two years, is currently exploring concepts using Intel technology.

4 Superpowers of Deep Learning

Superhuman strength, flight, telepathy, weather control—Okay, deep learning may not be the X-Men, but it does have some impressive capabilities like pattern spotting and sequence mapping that help organizations transform workloads. And it didn’t even need to attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Study Finds On-Premise Systems Critical to Enterprise AI

It’s marathon season for all the runners out there, and we all know that one person who runs a race without proper preparation, right? AI might not be a marathon, but the new “State of Enterprise AI Adoption 2019” report explores whether companies are prepared to run AI and where they are on the road to doing so effectively.

How to Become a Data-First Enterprise

When you have 315 petabytes of data across 140,000 sources (like Intel did), you need to get organized before you can use deep learning to make sense of that data. Scattered data won’t cut it. Luckily, new end-to-end solutions can help get your data pipelines in order, so you can become truly data-centric.

AI Powers Citizens Bank’s New Millennial-Focused Rebranding Campaign

How’s AI making our lives easier, you ask? Look no further than the bank. Citizens Bank has invested in data analytics for years to better understand customers and meet their needs. They even offer a digital “robo-advisor” for wealth management, and these efforts merge well with the bank’s new focus on millennials.