This Week in Analytics & AI News

Deep learning uses its smarts to categorize and interpret data so we can use all this information effectively. As more enterprises embark on journeys to use AI technology, it’s more important than ever that they go into it with a plan—and the right technology providers. AI image and video classification technology is developing an impressive resume of use cases. Intel and Lenovo have announced a collaboration to accelerate the convergence of AI and HPC. And machine learning keeps making strides in the fight against fraud and cybercrime.

Enterprise AI: A Look at 3 Fundamental Deep Learning Approaches

Deep learning today is part really good project manager, part really good student. It takes a whole lot of unstructured data, makes sense of it all, and creates a model for that type of data (thank you, project managers of the world). It does this by learning to recognize patterns and interpret what it sees in 3 main ways: multilayer perceptron networks, convolutional neural networks, and recurring neural networks.

What Really Matters With AI Enterprise Solutions

When you head out on a journey into the wide world of AI technology, you need a solid plan—you know, a map, supplies, maybe a timeline. And when it comes down to it, you can’t really avoid going on this journey. According to a new report from IDC, 75 percent of enterprise applications will use AI by 2021. That means it’s more important than ever for organizations to work with tech providers that have complete AI strategies.

AI Gets the Picture: Streamlining Business Processes With Image and Video Classification

Need to keep an eye on the freshness of groceries? Try AI. Monitor security footage? AI can do that, too. Boost the productivity of an indoor farm? Yep, AI’s got it. AI-driven image and video classification technology is helping all sorts of industries handle data, streamline processes, and perform burdensome tasks humans couldn’t easily do. So don’t be surprised as enterprise applications for this technology grow.

Lenovo and Intel Announce Multiyear Global Collaboration to Extend HPC and AI Leadership

Put two good things together (cake and frosting, coffee and donuts), and things get even better, right? That’s what you’d expect from an Intel/Lenovo collaboration that will “accelerate innovation into the Exascale era.” Building on their long-standing data center partnership, the two companies plan to speed up the convergence of AI and HPC by focusing on systems, software optimization, and ecosystem enablement.

Battling Fraud and Cybercrime With Machine Learning

In the ongoing battle against fraud and cybercrime, businesses in retail, payment processing, and financial services are turning to machine learning as the latest line of defense. Consider this: Mastercard alone processes 165 million transactions per hour. That’s a lot of possible security issues to watch out for. And AI is helping handle mind-boggling tasks like this.