This Week in Analytics & AI News

Investing in AI and machine learning needs to be as smart and targeted as the technology itself, and plenty of industries looking to invest in AI and data know that. The financial industry, for instance, is looking to arm itself with AI, and data virtualization can give several industries an edge. When managing applications and data, though, organizations need to think about data gravity. Meanwhile, another AI DevCon is on the way, and AI and HPC continue to converge.

Where Do You Put Intelligence In An Enterprise?

With advancements in AI and machine learning, almost everything is getting smarter. Who doesn’t want smart socks, after all? Yet deciding where to invest in smartness for IT systems is still a big question. It’s not like most businesses can afford to smartify every aspect of their IT stack. You’ve got to BE smart about what you MAKE smart, and smartly apply smartness to soon-to-be-smart systems.

Data Science and Analytics Is Top Priority for Leaders in Finance

Data can’t see the future, but it can lead to some pretty good predictions. For the financial industry, this means it can take the guesswork out of recognizing fraud and anticipating future risks. Given that the financial industry rests on a bedrock of trust and risk avoidance, it’s a small wonder analytics and data are among top priorities for the financial industry, which sees data as a safe bet.

What Data Virtualization Means for the Insight-Driven Enterprise

Unless your company has some kind of pathological commitment to organization and standardization, you probably have data in a variety of sources or silos. Getting at it can be a pain, but data virtualization can help make those silos a bit less inaccessible. One of Intel’s lead data scientists breaks it all down in this Q&A with IBM, outlining how data virtualization can become a reality.

Data Gravity and What It Means for Enterprise Data Analytics and AI Architectures

Without getting too deep into the weeds about physics: big things are hard to move. This is gravity’s fault. As data grows, it also becomes hard to move. It’s attracted to applications, storage, and other related factors, which means enterprises would do well to think about data gravity and whether their data is a simple, low-gravity Pluto type thing, a solar system, or close to collapsing into a black hole.

Intel AI DevCon 2019 Munich: Experience AI in the Real World

It’s time for the Woodstock of AI, the Burning Man of machine learning, the Coachella of data science! That’s right, Intel AI DevCon is back, and this time it’s bringing a stacked lineup of keynotes, workshops, and special guests to Munich, Germany. It’s the conference that proves you don’t need art, music, or weird costumes to have a good time. AI is where it’s at! Let’s rock ‘n roll!

AI and HPC Are Converging With Support From Intel Technology

Technologies grow up so fast! It seems like only yesterday AI was just a tiny little bundle of logic statements and joy. Now that AI is growing up and getting its own place and needs more data and computing power. Fortunately, Intel HPC architecture is ready to become AI’s new pad as it grows up, gets a job, and makes its way in the larger world.