This Week in Analytics & AI News

Edge computing and artificial intelligence are coming together to help companies sift through and make sense of their data faster. The banking industry continues to move forward with its digital transformation, and—you guessed it—data and AI are leading the way. That’s because, for one thing, AI is really good at sorting through lots of data very quickly. The long-awaited Intel Deep Learning Boost is about to make its debut to speed up image classification, object detection, and more. And Intel continues to move the needle when it comes to AI changing the wider world of healthcare.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Pearl Jam used to be edgy. Now you can buy their CDs in any Whole Foods express lane. One thing that isn’t losing its edge anytime soon, though? AI. And when you combine it with edge computing, you have a combo Eddie Vedder would approve of. Given the sheer tidal wave of data coursing through the enterprise these days, IT teams are finding ways to combine AI and edge computing to process all that data faster (and ensure their data is as vital as Vitalogy was in the early ‘90s).

8 Technology Trends the Banking Industry Must Act on in 2019

It’s mid-February, which means people gave up their New Year fad diets weeks ago. But in order for the banking industry to stay nimble and continue its digital transformation, it needs to stick to a few trends. Blockchain, voice, and cloud will play significant roles in keeping the ball rolling. Topping the list, however: data, data, more data, and AI to create a better customer experience at scale.

Data: The Fuel Powering AI and Digital Transformation

If data is the new oil (and it is), AI is the engine powering companies’ digital transformations. These companies know they need to harness the power of their data to make better decisions, but the problem is usually how and where to start. Enter AI, which can analyze massive data sets quickly and effectively so companies can continue down the road to data-driven success at full throttle.

Accelerating AI Inference With Intel Deep Learning Boost

Intel Deep Learning Boost—an embedded AI accelerator in the CPU designed to speed up deep learning inference workloads—is ready for its closeup and will make its debut as part of the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors (aka Cascade Lake). It may not be bigger than peanut butter, but Intel DL Boost will definitely boost image classification, language translation, object detection, speech recognition, and a lot more.

Transforming Healthcare at SOLVE and CHC

If you were in Orlando this week, no doubt it was to stop by the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition to rub shoulders with the top minds in healthcare IT (in between Epcot and Magic Kingdom visits, of course). What you may not know is that Intel hosted its second SOLVE: Healthcare event at HIMSS, continuing the conversation about how data and AI are transforming the magical world of healthcare as we know it. Here’s what went down at October’s event; stay tuned for more from HIMSS19.