This Week in Analytics & AI News

The U.S. Department of Energy’s recent announcement emphasizes the importance of AI for government activities. Natural language processing is everywhere these days, and it’s becoming easier to run these workloads. HPC and AI work well together to deliver benefits for businesses, and the right technology solutions can help organizations start using them. Dell EMC and Intel are going to Santa Clara (and around the world!) to show you an exciting new server technology. Frontera, the world’s fastest academic supercomputer, already has some super cool applications. And Intel Agilex FPGAs are here to provide needed flexibility and agility for today’s workloads.

US Department of Energy Unveils Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office

The Energy Department is on a mission to leverage AI technology, so it’s established an Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office to make it happen. The mission of the office is to ensure the U.S. maintains its position as an AI leader internationally. It will facilitate AI partnerships, synchronize AI activities, and accelerate the delivery of new AI capabilities.

How Can I Help You? Putting Natural Language Processing to Work

Saying “hey, Siri” or “hey, Alexa” doesn’t require much effort as a user. (In fact, natural language processing technology is designed to make life easier for users.) But behind the scenes, this type of technology requires a lot of processing power. The good news: You don’t need a supercomputer to run NLP, and off-the-shelf solutions like Dell EMC Ready Solution for AI – Deep Learning with Intel are helping organizations run NLP workloads more easily.

Simplifying the Road to Artificial Intelligence

When HPC and AI get together, good things happen. Businesses are running more and more HPC workloads, which offer a lot of value on their own. But when combined with artificial intelligence, they can see even greater benefits. Getting started requires the right team and the right tools, and HPCaaS based on Intel Select Solutions for HPC & AI is a good place to start.

Catch the Data-Centric Innovation World Tour

Dell EMC and Intel are going on a world tour! We’d love it if you joined us in Santa Clara on Sept. 24 (or in one of the other seven cities we’re visiting) to learn about new technology that helps you modernize your data estate with SQL Server. Dell’s PowerEdge servers built on 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors accelerate workloads, balance energy efficiency, and extend reliability. Don’t miss this chance to see firsthand what’s possible with this tech.

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors Drive Research in World’s Fastest Academic Supercomputer

Aside from just being able to say we’ve helped unveil the “world’s fastest academic supercomputer” (which obviously sounds cool), what makes Frontera so cool? Well, it’s already helping understand distant stars, diagnose gliomas, teach neural networks quantum chemistry, and more. And it’s based on 2nd gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Cool, right?

Intel Ships First 10nm Agilex FPGAs

Are you excited yet? If not, get excited because Intel has begun shipments of the first Intel Agilex field programmable gate arrays, which provide the flexibility and agility needed to increase networking throughput and decrease latency. This technology will help deliver real-time actionable insights through edge AI and analytics, and early-access users like Microsoft and Silicom are already getting on board.