This Week in Analytics & AI News

Hear about AI at the edge and the convergence of HPC and AI at upcoming events. Intel went to Tokyo to talk AI in healthcare. Cancer genomic sequencing offers a new approach to treatment. And Intel-powered Dell EMC servers support chemistry research.

Edge AI Summit 2019

If you’re as excited about AI at the edge as we are, join us at the Edge AI Summit in Silicon Valley Nov. 20–21 to hear a keynote from Intel’s Caroline Chan, VP & GM of the 5G Infrastructure Division. She’ll discuss disruptive platforms for low-latency services with AI at the edge.

Intel’s Raja Koduri to Headline Intel HPC Developer Conference 2019

If HPC is more up your alley, then don’t miss the Intel HPC Developer Conference in Denver on Nov. 17. Intel Senior VP and GM of Architecture, Graphics, and Software Raja Koduri will headline the event and speak about Intel’s upcoming technology roadmap to accelerate the convergence of HPC and AI.

Toward an AI-Ready Society With a Glimpse Into Healthcare AI

Next up on our tour of cool AI events, Intel and Adobe recently hosted an event in Tokyo exploring how AI can improve our lives. Topics included guiding principles for AI, AI in healthcare, and the importance of privacy. All this suggests we’ll need a convergence of technology and policy to make the most of AI.

Sequence Me! How AI for Good Can Empower Patients to Fight Cancer Differently

You’ve probably heard about AI’s potential in healthcare. Bryce Olson, Global Strategist at Intel Health and Life Sciences, wants to help AI live up to that potential with Sequence Me! This program aims to increase cancer genomic sequencing that could open doors to personalized treatment.

Good Chemistry: Breaking New Ground in Science With HPC

When you’re busy driving pioneering projects in chemistry and renewable energy like the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, you need a lot of HPC horsepower. Enter Dell EMC servers powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which provide the data center power and reliability needed for innovation.