10 Hadoop Predictions for 2015

Over the next five years, the Hadoop MapReduce market is expected to hit $2.2 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 58 percent, according to MarketAnalysis.com. Here's your need-to-know guide on the big data analytics tool for next year.

Cloud and Data Center Weekly Wrap

With the start of 2015, this week we'll look back at some important cloud computing trends that emerged in 2014, including a review of KPMG's executive survey. Next we'll see a few broad predictions for the overall cloud sector before closing on specific predictions for Hadoop. Bottom line: Enterprises have taken advantage of cost savings by transitioning to cloud systems. Now it's time to focus on driving value.

Cloud Computing Advantages Accelerated in 2014
Cloud computing advantages have been a focus for at least five years but in 2014, more and more companies stopped using software on-premises and shifted to using SaaS to manage and improve business processes, customer relations, and employees.

KPMG's Cloud Computing Survey: Enterprises Moving Beyond Cost Reduction to Customer-Driven Results
Business analytics is a pivotal factor in 35 percent of enterprises adopting cloud computing today, and 73 percent are seeing improved business performance after implementing cloud-based applications and strategies.

2015 Predictions: EMC Spins Off VMware, Azure Catches Up to AWS
As we turn the page on 2014 and begin looking ahead to 2015, it quickly becomes apparent that 2015 will not be an ordinary year for IT. Fueled by innovation, advanced services, and new marketing tools — coupled with mergers and acquisitions — 2015 will go down in the books as a defining year for technology. Here's a glimpse into what to expect.